Video: New Planting for Native Fish

In an earlier post we introduced some wonderful new additions to our fishroom, a small group of Bantam Sunfish (Lepomis symmetricus). This Southeast USA-native is a compelling choice for smaller tank setups. Mature Bantam Sunfish are only about 3" (8 cm) in length and apparently they do not have the very aggressive breeding season behavior of most Lepomis; other sunfish species or combinations should be kept in larger groups in big enclosures to diffuse aggression.

We have set up a 56-gallon (210 liter) aquarium for the Bantams as a planted riparium to more or less represent their native oxbow lake, swamp, or river backwater habitats in Louisiana, Florida, Texas and smaller areas of a few other states. The plants are establishing well and with a new YouTube video we provide a quick tour of the planting and tank configuration. Follow this link to watch...

New Planting: 56-gallon Riparium For Bantam Sunfish

This riparium setup has a lowered water level to accommodate the above water-foliage, but the fish have the fairly broad (18" X 30" [45 cm X 75 cm[) of the 56-gallon for swimming. We used the easy oak leaves + pool filter sand to create a pretty convincing substrate. The terra cotta pots were a temporary addition as extra fish cover, but they looked pretty good in combination with the substrate and planting. We might also shop for some vintage flower pots, ceramic tea pots or ceiling light shades as additional sunken discarded items that might attract wild fish as habitat structure.

Watch the end of the video to see a quick cleaning tip for the LOGIC 31 filter. The LOGIC is working great in this tank as a hassle-free filtration option.

Thanks for watching! This riparium planting will start to look good as the plants fill in with about 50% more new growth. We will produce another video in two or three months with a riparium growth report and other updates.

Stay tuned!