A Handy Way to Plant Crypts and Other Aquarium Rosette Plants

Aquarists have long use terra cotta flower pots for planting because they offer the convenience of easy movability and require less substrate than covering the whole tank bottom. This kind of planting is especially useful for breeding setups and other situations where a bare tank bottom is desired. However, flower pots and similar containers can look quite conspicuous in a tank and they can also be top-heavy and prone to tipping. Cichlids and other fish that like to dig might uproot plants in pots or anywhere in the bottom of the aquarium.

We had run out of stock for this handy plant accessory, but we once again have the Tank Planters Foliage Kit 4-pack stocked in the online store. The Tank Planter is a planter cup that is enclosed top-and-bottom and holds rooting substrate along with the rooted plant. A sturdy screen holds the crown of the plant tight in the Tank Planter and with it's broad shape the Tank Planter is unlikely to tip over. The shape is also easy to hide behind driftwood stumps or other decoration and it can be easily buried out of sight in aquarium gravel. With it's clean, efficient shape, the Tank Planter will also look good resting on the glass in a bare-bottom tank.

Tank Planters Foliage Kit 4-pack

We recommend these as specific situations where the Tank Planter might be especially useful...

  • Cichlids & other rowdy fish
  • Bare-bottom tanks
  • Coarse aquarium gravel
  • Betta bowls, goldfish tanks & discus setups
  • Shrimp breeding

Most kinds of bulb and rosette plants (Echinodorus, Nymphaea, Aponogeton, etc.) will establish well in the Tank Planter, but we have found crypts (Cryptocoryne spp.) to be especially good choices. Crypts grow in dense stands in their native jungle stream habitats and they seem to like to have their root somewhat restricted. We have kept individual crypts planting growing healthy and vigorous for more than two years in Tank Planters.

Tank Planters are also handy for planting in vases and similar small containers. Since the plant with planter can be easily removed all at once, the vase can be easily emptied of water and thoroughly cleaned. It can be otherwise difficult to clean a narrow vase with substrate and rooted plants in the bottom. This photo shows a low-tech vase setup on top of a refrigerator with crypts inside and potted plants.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more updates. We intend to upload another how-to video showing suggested methods for planting the Tank Planter.

Tank Planters Foliage Kit 4-pack