MATTEN 31 Aquarium Filter

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The MATTEN 31 Aquarium Filter is a new concept in aquarium water quality. Combining easy installation and service with safe airline operation, the MATTEN 31 provides robust mechanical and biological filtration. The laser-cut MATTEN 31 acrylic parts snap together with Tab & Slot Assembly (TabSynth Design Works LLC), an ingenious, patent-pending new technology. A Poret® Foam provides a large internal surface area for development of beneficial denitrifying bacteria, while a Jetlifter™ Filter Tube creates a water current with clog-free operation.

The MATTEN 31 offers several compelling advantages over other aquarium filter options. While submersible power filters are easy to install, most of their internal volume is filled by the magnetic impeller, void spaces and plastic parts, leaving little room for filter media. Submersible power filters thus tend to clog rapidly and require frequent cleaning. Canister filters use larger amounts of media, but their installation can be difficult for some aquarium setups. The magnetic impellers of canisters sometimes jam, while O-ring seals can also fail, leading to water leaks. Air-driven foam filters are easy to use and effective, but the column of bubbles rising from a foam filter creates an unnatural appearance for display aquariums. Foam filters also generate bubble splash that can foul or damage aquarium lighting, glass tops, auto-feeders and wood canopies.

MATTEN 31 easy airline operation eliminates the hassle of jammed impellers and the complications of canister filter hose plumbing. Almost half of the MATTEN 31 internal space is filled with high-quality filter media, a 31 in3, 20ppi Poret® Foam block, so it is much less prone to clogging and requires less frequent cleaning. The Jetlifter™ bubble stream is contained inside of the filter box, eliminating bubble splash. The heavy-duty suction cups supplied with the MATTEN 31 maintain a strong grip for a long time when used as directed. The MATTEN 31 creates a gentle water current through the aquarium, so it is ideal for livestock such as Betta, shrimp and nanofish. Combine with a water circulation pump/powerhead if more flow is desired.

The Small model in its series, the MATTEN 31 Aquarium Filter measures 4.25" wide X 3.5" deep X 8" tall and is recommended for 10-30 gallon aquariums.

Assembly and operation instructions included inside.

Use with aquarium air pump, 1/4" airline hose and airline check valve (not included).

Made in USA
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