'Coyote' - Dojō Terrarium

We've put together a new little setup in Dojō Terrarium style. 'Coyote' is planted into a 11" X 11" X 14" glass tank illuminated with a 5,000K PAR20 LED pendant. This Dojō Terrarium build uses a minimalist design approach with some extra attention paid to plant selection.

With a few tries, a pleasing visual arrangement was found. The plants include a conifer tree (Cephalotaxus), maidenhair fern (Adiantum), spike moss (Selaginella) and a mini gesneriad (Streptocarpus).

An egg crate drainage layer combined with a fast-drain gravel soil substrate promotes plant vigor while creating a durable setup that can be maintained with ease for several years. The drainage stand pipe (here covered with blue tape to keep soil out while planting) allows for easy siphon removal of excess drain water.

The completed composition just after planting: the Selaginella will grow to create a mossy carpet groundcover, while the other plants enliven the space above with their airy foliage.


Nine days after planting: the Selaginella divisions shows new growth at their leaf tips. The Streptocarpus has also bloomed with a lovely lavender flower and it has several more on the way in bud.

Please stay tuned and check our blog for updates. We'll post again to show this planting's development and share more Dojō Terrarium model ecosystem designs.