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Swamp Tank: Happy Plants in the Riparium Setup at Fish Planet in Deerfield, Illinois

Swamp Tank: Happy Plants in the Riparium Setup at Fish Planet in Deerfield, Illinois

Steve at Fish Planet sent us a few update shots for his showroom riparium planting. The plants look very good and the tank has been a big hit with customers. The following lists basic specifications for this planted model ecosystem:

  • Tank - 45-gallon cube (24" X 24")  - a great size and shape for a riparium planting
  • Lighting - 4X 24", 6,500K HO T5 lamps in pendant fixture, lighting for underwater area supplemented with Finnex I LED strip
  • Water circulation/filtration - Eheim 2213 canister supplemented with 100 gph power filter

The robust plant growth above and below water provides lots of natural water purification and habitat structure, allowing for an active fish display with lots of animals. Livestock include Neon Dwarf Rainbows, Silver Hatchetfish, Pygmy Cories and Burmese Rasboras. Among the submerged aquatic plants are various Crypts, Java Fern and Christmas Moss. Riparium plants include Colocasia Dwarf Taro, Ruellia Dwarf Bluebell, Ruellia Tall Bluebell and Acorus Japanese Sweetflag. Notice also the floating leaves of Nymphaea Dwarf Lily.

There is no CO2 injection to enhance underwater plant growth; the tank uses instead a natural approach with the generous fish stocking and bioactive substrates. The riparium plants of course acquire all of the carbon dioxide they need directly from the air, where it is usually much more available than underwater. The submerged plants and riparium plants do benefit with twice-weekly fert dosing for NPK and micronutrients. 

We look forward to more updates on this beautiful riparium. It looks as the the Ruellia plant might flower soon with its lovely pink blossoms. That will be a treat!  

Neon Dwarf Rainbowfish (Melanotaenia praecox) - an excellent choice for an active fish display in a planted tank.

Colocasia Dwarf Taro with other riparium foliage

The Ruellia Tall Bluebell has numerous flower buds and will bloom soon.




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Video! Sunfish Aquarium Planter

Video! Sunfish Aquarium Planter

We've published a new video on the Aqua Verdi YouTube channel. Follow this link to watch step-by-step tips for assembly and planting of the Sunfish Aquarium Planter...

Sunfish Aquarium Planter


The Sunfish is a handy accessory that will expand your growing options. Here is a quick list of features for the Sunfish Aquarium Planter...   

  • Expand growing area - grow plants on aquarium vertical surfaces
  • Increase light - position your more demanding plants closer to the aquarium lighting for faster growth
  • Propagation - grow out desirable plants for trades & aquascapes
  • Aquascaping - use the Sunfish + plant as a unique aquascaper feature
  • Livestock habitat - more habitat structure for your fish and shrimp

The Sunfish also features quality construction with laser-cut acrylic parts and a heavy-duty suction cup. With proper installation--watch the video!--this suction cup will hold well with a strong grip for a long time. Use the Sunfish Aquarium Planter again and again for your aquascape adventures! 



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