Video! Sunfish Aquarium Planter

We've published a new video on the Aqua Verdi YouTube channel. Follow this link to watch step-by-step tips for assembly and planting of the Sunfish Aquarium Planter...

Sunfish Aquarium Planter


The Sunfish is a handy accessory that will expand your growing options. Here is a quick list of features for the Sunfish Aquarium Planter...   

  • Expand growing area - grow plants on aquarium vertical surfaces
  • Increase light - position your more demanding plants closer to the aquarium lighting for faster growth
  • Propagation - grow out desirable plants for trades & aquascapes
  • Aquascaping - use the Sunfish + plant as a unique aquascaper feature
  • Livestock habitat - more habitat structure for your fish and shrimp

The Sunfish also features quality construction with laser-cut acrylic parts and a heavy-duty suction cup. With proper installation--watch the video!--this suction cup will hold well with a strong grip for a long time. Use the Sunfish Aquarium Planter again and again for your aquascape adventures!