Tank Planters Foliage Kit 4-pack

Aqua Verdi


Tank Planters are a new kind of planted aquarium accessory useful where it is difficult to plant directly into the bottom of the tank...

  • Cichlids & other rowdy fish
  • Bare-bottom tanks
  • Coarse aquarium gravel
  • Betta bowls, goldfish tanks & discus setups
  • Shrimp breeding

The Tank Planter system uses a planter cup to hold nutrient-rich gravel with plant roots. Since the plant is anchored firmly in the planter, digging fish cannot uproot it. You can easily move the plant and planter anywhere you like in your aquarium.

Tank Planters are best used with bulb or rosette plants. They do not work as well with stem plants (Bacopa, Ludwigia, etc.) or rhizomes (Anubias, Microsorum). The following lists several good plant choices...

  • Swordplants (Echinodorus)
  • Lotus (Nymphaea)
  • Aponogeton (Aponogeton)
  • Crypts (Cryptocoryne)
  • Vals (Vallisneria)
  • Crinum Lily (Crinum)

Aquarium crypts grow especially well in Tank Planters.

The Foliage Kit 4-pack includes four Medium Tank Planters, rooting substrate and a detailed instruction sheet. The Medium Tank Planters work best with aquarium plants 4"-12" tall.

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