Sunfish Aquarium Planter 2-pack

Aqua Verdi


The new Sunfish Aquarium Planter is a glass-mount planter cup suitable for many of the best aquarium plants. The Sunfish will maximize your growing area, enrich quarium livestock habitat and function as a unique aquascaping feature. Use the Sunfish to position more demanding plants closer to the aquarium lighting for better growth.

The Sunfish Aquarium Planter incorporates an ingenious, patent-pending new technology, the Tab & Slot Joint (TabSynth Design Works LLC), to build a sturdy planter cup with crystal clear, laser-cut acrylic parts. The Sunfish measures about 2” X 2” X 2” (5 cm X 5 cm X 5 cm) and holds about 1/3 cup (.08 L) of your preferred aquarium plant gravel substrate. The heavy-duty suction cups hold much better than the thinner plastic suction cups supplied with most aquarium accessories.

Many kinds of smaller rooted aquarium plants will grow very well in the Sunfish Aquarium Planter. The following lists a few especially good choices:

  • Cryptocoryne sp.
  • Echinodorus sp.
  • Eriocaulon sp.
  • Eleocharis sp.
  • Marsilea sp.
  • Rotala, Ludwigia & many other stem plants

An instruction sheet with assembly and planting tips is included inside.

Assembly Required
Made in USA
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