Ruellia Dwarf Bluebell, Pink

Aqua Verdi


Ruellia Dwarf Bluebell, Pink is a versatile riparium plant with attractive foliage and pink blossoms. Its growth habit, with slender, dark green leaves that arch over the water's surface, is helpful for hiding the riparium planter cups from view. The wild-type, species plant, R. brittoniana, grows in swampy or riparian (riverbank) areas in Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.

Ruellia Dwarf Bluebell, Pink looks especially good if planted in several riparium planters and combined with more erect, taller foliage, such as Cyperus Dwarf Umbrella Sedge or Acorus Japanese Sweetflag. Use several Ruellia Dwarf Bluebell interspersed with other plants to shade and hide planters and create a natural scene. Plants will be more likely to bloom if grown with moderately bright light and some extra fertilization.

Ruellia Dwarf Bluebell, Pink ships as a bare root plant or rooted in a 2" rock wool plug.

Live plants are not available for shipping to CA, OR, WA, AK or HI.

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