Riparium Planter Gravel, Fine 6-portion

Aqua Verdi


This baked clay gravel material has fine (.06-.125" [1-3mm]) particles and creates a perfect rooting environment for certain riparium plants. Like other clay products, Riparium Planter Gravel, Fine (Riparium Supply brand) captures dissolved nutrients, then makes them available to plant roots through Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC). Use it to fill around plant roots in the Aqua Verdi Riparium Planter, Riparium Planter Medio (Riparium Supply) and the Riparium Planter Grand (Riparium Supply).

Riparium Planter Gravel, Fine is the superior choice for riparium selections that are relatively heavy feeders and grow as wild plants in the dense mud substrates of riverbanks, marshes and swamps. The following lists a number of good choices for use with this gravel:

  • Acorus Japanese Sweetflag
  • Asclepias Mexican Milkweed
  • Avicennia Black Mangrove
  • Echinodorus Swordplant
  • Laguncularia White Mangrove
  • Phoenix Pygmy Date Palm
  • Ruellia Bluebell
  • Spathiphyllum Peace Lily
  • Zephyranthes Rain Lily

Riparium Planter Gravel, Fine settles to fill void spaces and water diffuses through it relatively slowly, it is thus a good choice for use in combination with root tab fertilizers. Blooming riparium plants, such as Zephyranthes Rain Lily, will grow and flower best with extra root fertilization. Add the root tab during planting, or use a pencil or similar tool to position half-way down in the planter for an established plant.

In addition to filling riparium planters around plant roots, this gravel also functions as an excellent ingredient for vivarium soil blends. A vivarium soil mixed with Riparium Planter Gravel, Fine, Riparium Planter Gravel, Coarse, charcoal and orchid bark will provide excellent drainage and last for years.

Riparium Planter Gravel, Fine  6-portion is packed as 6 US cups (1.4L) in a zip poly bag.

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