Riparium Planter Gravel, Coarse 6-portion

Aqua Verdi


This expanded shale gravel material has coarse (approximately .25" [6mm]) particles and creates a perfect rooting environment for certain riparium plants. Riparium Planter Gravel, Coarse (Riparium Supply brand) is also much lighter in weight in comparison with most stone gravels. Water diffuses easily through this gravel, so it is an especially good choice where a robust plant-based biological filter is desired, such as in fish breeding tanks and with Cichlids, Catfish and other larger fish in planted display tanks. Use it to fill around plant roots in the Aqua Verdi Riparium Planter, Riparium Planter Medio (Riparium Supply) and the Riparium Planter Grand (Riparium Supply).

Riparium Planter Gravel, Coarse is the superior choice for riparium plants that grow best with more more water diffusion and more dissolved oxygen around their roots, such as the following selections:

  • Epipremnum Pothos Vine
  • Marantaceae Prayer Plants
  • Tulip Anthurium
  • Spathiphyllum Peace Lily

These plants are commonly sold as houseplants, so use this gravel material for a riparium layouts where easy-to-find houseplants are desired.

While it can be used in many of the same ways as "hydroton" red expanded clay balls, Riparium Planter Gravel, Coarse has a much more natural appearance. It is also less likely to float out of the riparium planter. In addition to filling riparium planters around roots, it also functions as an excellent ingredient for vivarium soil blends. A vivarium soil mixed with Riparium Planter Gravel, Coarse, charcoal and orchid bark will provide excellent drainage and last for years.

Riparium Planter Gravel, Coarse  6-portion is packed as 6 US cups (1.4L) in a zip poly bag.

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