Pillbug Orchid Mount - Small 3-pack (Selva Terrarium)

Aqua Verdi


The Pillbug Orchid Mount is a new solution for propagating and growing orchids and other epiphytic (tree-dwelling) terrarium plants, such as gesneriads, ferns and bromeliads. A sturdy, laser-cut acrylic plate with numerous ventilation holes and lacing notches holds a pad of long-fibre sphagnum moss, the best rooting substrate for many of these plants, while heavy-duty suction cups offer easy attachment to any clean glass surface.

In comparison with other orchid mounting techniques, such as cork or tree fern slabs, the Pillbug Orchid Mount has several compelling advantages:

  • Ready to use - requires no cutting or drilling.
  • Identical mount shape and size - better contrasts plant shapes and textures.
  • Improved plant growth - easily position plant for optimal light exposure.
  • Space-efficient - optimize plant-growing space in vivarium, orchid enclosure or terrarium by using any glass surface.
  • Reusable - clean the Pillbug mount plate and attach fresh long-fiber sphagnum moss to use again.

The Pillbug Orchid Mount can pay for itself! Think of using the Pillbug like frag plugs are used for propagating corals. With the consistent shape and easy mounting, the Pillbug will maximize space in your growout area. The reusable Pillbug plate will increase the sale or trade value of your plants.

Each Pillbug Orchid Mount - Small 3-pack includes the following items:

  • THREE Pillbug Orchid Mount - Small Laser-cut Plates
  • THREE Heavy-duty Suction Cups
  • Cut-to-size Plant Labels
  • Instruction Sheet

The Pillbug Orchid Mount - Small is 4" long and recommend for growing the smallest miniature orchids and ferns.


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