Phycology Nightlight - 25

Aqua Verdi


The Phycology Nightlight - 25 is a miniature, wall-mount aquarium equipped with a LED lamp to grow a live phytoplankton culture. With easy 5v USB operation and a 3-meter (10') power cord, you can position the Phycology Nightlight - 25 in a hallway, nursery, study or bedroom to cast a natural photosynthetic green glow.

The basic Phycology Nightlight - 25 kit includes the following items (see attached image with corresponding numbered parts):

1. wall-mount bracket with tee-nut stoppers and cord holder
2. 25cm (10") cylinder enclosure
3. USB LED plug assembly
4. 3-meter (10') USB power cord
5. bright white USB LED
6. color-changing RGB USB LED
7. dry wall anchors + #6 steel wood screws
8. instruction sheet 

The basic kit does not include a 5v USB power adapter required for plugging in the USB power cord. This common and inexpensive item can be purchased wherever electronics are sold. A USB power adapter can also be combined with an outlet timer to control the daily lighting schedule. 

Our preferred algae for use in the Phycology Nightlight - 25 is Nannochloropsis oculata, a single-celled marine phytoplankton species. Nannochloropsis is easy to grow in a liquid medium prepared with clean water, reef aquarium salt and Guillard's F/2 nutrient blend. Culture and care tips are included in the Phycology Nightlight - 25 instruction sheet packed with each kit. Like most photosynthetic organisms, Nannochloropsis prospers best with a dark rest period of 8-12 hours, so keep your home lighting and desired lighting schedule in mind when choosing the best location. The Nannochloropsis and culture supplies are not included with the basic kit, but they are affordable and easy-to-find for sale by other online vendors.

You can also fill the Phycology Nightlight - 25 with a natural tannin tea prepared with dried Quercus Oak tree leaves, hot water and a few common kitchen items. While it is not a live organism, Oak leaf tannin tea illuminates with a warm amber glow, lasts for several months and requires no extra care. 

Designed and made in USA

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