Gyeonji Nearctic | Redhorse

Gyeonji Nearctic


An excellent choice for ice fish and open water angling, the Gyeonji Nearctic | Redhorse, is a versatile rod with backbone for fighting larger fish. While it uses the same rod-end winder as the Gyeonji Nearctic | Buffalo, the Redhorse is built on a longer, more limber rod blank. With additional flex, the Gyeonji Nearctic | Redhorse softens fast surges by strong fish. This feature helps to prevent tearout of smaller hooks, especially for Carp, and protects the leader line.

With its high-capacity rod-tip winder drawing 6.5 inches (16cm) of line with each spin, the Redhorse can present flies and baits over a broad area of downstream habitat. With the right fighting techniques, it will also handle powerful fish taking long runs. Other Gyeonji Nearctic | Redhorse design features include the machined aluminum winding check and high-visibility rod end bead. 


  • Length — 28" (69cm)    
  • Weight — 3 oz. (85gm)    
  • Recommended mainline — 20-30lb braid    
  • Mainline capacity — 80 yards (45m)    
  • Recommended maximum test leader line — 10lb    
  • Rod Power — Medium 

New colors! The Redhorse - Original features a black fiberglass blank with a red winding check and red rod end bead. We have recently added two more colors, Redhorse - Blue and Redhorse - Red Blank. When fishing with more than one rod, it can be useful to color code, especially when bank fishing, to better avoid confusion with lines and baits.

Made in USA!

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