Gyeonji Nearctic | Rainbow, Split Grip

Gyeonji Nearctic



The Gyeonji Nearctic | Rainbow, Split-Grip is our first medium-weight rod, designed to strike a balance between power and light weight. In comparison with the Redhorse It is built on a lighter rod blank and uses a more compact winder. While it has power to handle larger fighting fish, it will be more fun for smaller gamefish in the range of 1-4 lbs. It will also work well for panfish and trout in streams.

The Rainbow also features a split grip for more ways to grasp the rod and more comfort. This design also extends the grip length by 1". The rod tip winder draws 6 inches (15cm) of line with each spin. Other Gyeonji Nearctic | Rainbow, Split Grip design features include the machined aluminum winding check and spacer (green) and high-visibility rod end bead (lilac).


  • Length — 27" (69cm)
  • Recommended mainline — 20lb braid
  • Mainline capacity — 55 yards (55m)
  • Recommended maximum test leader — 6lb
  • Rod Power — Medium

Click here to watch our rod demo video for the Gyeonji Nearctic | Rainbow, Split Grip including some fun fishing action...

Made in USA.

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