Gyeonji Nearctic | Pumpkinseed

Gyeonji Nearctic


Suitable for ice fishing and open water angling, the Gyeonji Nearctic | Pumpkinseed is an ultralight Gyeonji rod built for pursuit of Trout in small streams and Panfish. Microfishing enthusiasts will also have fun with this rod. We sometimes carry the Pumpkinseed along with our heavier Gyeonji Neactic models on to use as a practical live bait rod for Nothern Pike and Catfish excursions.

The lightweight and very compact (23") Gyeonji Nearctic | Pumpkinseed is easy to maneuver through any kind of cover. We have carried this rod to the margins of tiny, overgrown feeder creeks—habitats where a fly rod would be impossible to cast—to drift flies and earthworms for Brook Trout and Cyprinids. The Pumpkinseed's light and responsive rod action telegraphs the fighting vigor of even very small fish. 


  • Length — 23" (69cm)    
  • Weight — 1.5 oz. (43gm)    
  • Recommended mainline — 12-20lb braid    
  • Mainline capacity — 30 yards (27m)    
  • Recommended maximum test leader — 4lb    
  • Rod Power — Light 

Made in USA!

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