Gyeonji Nearctic | Common

Gyeonji Nearctic


The Gyeonji Nearctic | Common is our Catfish and Carp rod. Built on a 6mm, no-taper blank with substantial backbone, the Common can pitch heavier weights and fight much larger fish.

With four vanes, the Common high-capacity rod-tip spool draws 7.75 inches (19.5cm) of line with each spin. Other Gyeonji Nearctic | Common features include the machined aluminum winding check (red), high-visibility rod end bead (orange) and extended 8" (20cm) EVA foam handle.


  • Length — 31" (79cm)
  • Weight — 5.5 oz. (156gm)
  • Recommended mainline — 30lb braid
  • Mainline capacity — 100 yards (91m)
  • Recommended maximum test leader — 20lb
  • Rod Power — Heavy

Paired with a rod holder and paracord leash, the Gyeonji Nearctic | Common works exceptionally well as a bank rod. Use it with auto-hooking tackle, such as Carp bolt rigs and Catfish circle hook rigs, then just watch for the Common to spin in its holder when the hooked fish takes its first run. Unleash the rod, then hold on tight!

Designed & Made in USA.

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