Gumdrop Succulent Planter - Small

Gyeonji Nearctic


Laser-cut in durable acrylic, the Gumdrop Succulent Planter is a distinguished addition to your succulent garden. The planter's bright colors can enhance or contrast the hues in plant foliage and blooms, while its geometric shapes compliment contemporary design.

Measuring about 3 1/2" by 3 1/4" square, the Gumdrop Succulent Planter holds about 1 US cup of potting mix. Extra large bottom holes promote fast drainage and air flow, while a mesh bottom screen prevents spillage.

Each planter is packed with planting tips and a portion bag of succulent potting soil mix. The Gumdrop Succulent Planter make a perfect gift, especially when wrapped up with a living succulent plant.

Currently available in two color variations: Bright Red with Orange & Bright Blue with Red.

Assembled with (Patent Pending) Tab & Slot construction.

Designed and made in USA.

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