Colocasia Dwarf Taro

Aqua Verdi


While most taros are large plants, Colocasia Dwarf Taro (Colocasia fallax) grows to only about 14" tall. With broad satiny green leaves sporting a silver center stripe, Colocasia Dwarf Taro is an excellent choice to grow as a single riparium centerpiece plant. Colocasia Dwarf Taro is native to Southeastern Asia and the Eastern Himalayas, but similar aroid (Araceae) plants grow in areas near water in many tropical areas, so it can be used as a stand-in to create a variety of riparium biotopes.

Combine Colocasia Dwarf Taro with robust, somewhat taller background plants, such as Chamaedorea Cat Palm or Cyperus Dwarf Umbrella Sedge.

Colocasia Dwarf Taro ships as a bare root plant.

Live plants are not available for shipping to CA, OR, WA, AK or HI.

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