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What could be more sad than a bird killed by a window collision? A few things come to mind, but not many. Protect your local birds by breaking the transparent/reflective window illusion that causes collisions with the Avi-Dot Bird-Saver Window Stencil.

Every year, window strikes kill hundreds of millions of birds in the United States, a tragic loss contributing to long-term bird population declines and second only to domesticated cats as a human-caused factor in bird mortality. While birds generally have exceptional eyesight, their vision is different from ours. So they are deceived by reflective/transparent window surfaces and often see them as open flight passages or habitat destinations. The following factors can heighten the risk of bird-window collisions:

  1. Proximity to feeding and nesting habitat.
  2. Bird feeders.
  3. Geographic location along bird migration routes.
  4. Lakes, rivers, oceans and other water bodies. 
  5. Clear views through pairs of windows in opposite or adjacent exterior walls. 
  6. Artificial lighting. 

Preventative measures are recommended for windows in areas with any of these conditions, or wherever bird-window collisions have been observed previously. 

Birds are intelligent animals, so they are seldom fooled by the hawk silhouettes frequently hung in the centers of windows to prevent collisions: more effective solutions cover the whole window surface to prevent attempted passage. Forest birds are adept at flying through narrow gaps and some species, such as hummingbirds and chickadees, are very small. So the most effective window coverings will create opaque line or dot window patterns with maximum 2" spacing. Patterns should furthermore be applied to the window exterior surface, not the inside, to disrupt the reflective glass mirror effect. 

While many bird-discouraging window coverings/treatments are available, the Avi-Dot Bird-Saver Window Stencil provides a relatively economical, low waste, adaptable option. By aligning and repeating the stencil pattern with marker pen, windows of almost any size can be covered with a 2" by 2" grid pattern of approximate 3/8" dots. Regular magic markers are generally inadequate for stencil markings as they are semi-transparent on glass surfaces and tend to degrade quickly in outdoor conditions. We instead recommend Sharpie® Oil-Based Paint Markers, Medium Point (not included) as the preferred marker pen. This marker eventually wears off with exposure to elements, but in our area (Upper Midwest, United States) it lasts through at least several seasons. Reapplication of the Avi-Dot grid pattern may acommodate well with your window cleaning schedule. 

The Avi-Dot Bird-Saver Window Stencil also allows for a few marker pen color options to suit taste, aesthetics or specific window conditions. Marker pen color selection should create the greatest visual contrast from the birds' point of view. For windows where curtains are often drawn or with views from darker rooms, light-colored paint markers (red, white, light metallic) are suitable. For windows that might provide an open view through the structure, on the other hand, draw the grid pattern with dark paint marker colors (black, dark metallic).  

Each Avi-Dot Bird-Saver Window Stencil includes the following items:

  1. Acrylic Avi-Dot Bird-Saver Window Stencil plate.
  2. Round soft plastic bumpers —these grip window surface for easier application. 
  3. Short lanyard cord—hang the stencil plate for storage or during application. 
  4. Printed instruction sheet.

Birds may be most at risk of window strikes during nesting season or annual migrations, but bird-window collisions can happen any time of year. Order your Avi-Dot Bird-Saver Window Stencil today and help protect your local birds!

Disclaimer: The Avi-Dot Bird-Saver Window Stencil is intended to discourage bird-window collisions with paint pen markings on glass window surfaces, but in no way does the manufacturer or seller of this product offer or suggest a guarantee against window damage or wild bird mortality as consequences of bird-window collisions. Furthermore, the user or buyer of this product assumes all responsibility for safe work out-of-doors, with tools and around windows.

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