80mm Fan Mount Kit (Selva Terrarium)

Aqua Verdi


Improve the health, growth and vigor of your terrarium/vivarium plants and livestock with proper air circulation. The 80mm Fan Mount Kit securely holds a 80mm X 80mm X 25mm, 12-volt case fan on any terrarium interior glass surface for recirculation of humid air within the enclosure. By somewhat reducing the need for ventilation (exchange with outside air), the 60mm Fan Mount with fan can reduce the loss of water to evaporation and thus the need for frequent misting/watering.

Optimal fan air movement is dependent on several factors, but a single 80mm fan will typically work well for a medium-sized (25-50 gallons) terrarium enclosure.

Each 80mm Fan Mount kit includes the following items:

  • Laser-cut 80mm Fan Mount Plate
  • TWO Heavy-duty Suction Cups
  • FIVE Light Plastic Zip Ties
  • Instruction Sheet

With proper installation, the heavy-duty suction cups can maintain a strong grip for a long time.

Fans mounted in enclosures with animals should be covered on both sides with a screen or mesh filter to prevent injury.

12-volt case fans and associated parts, such as DC power converters, are easy to find from suppliers of computer and electronics parts. Send us an email (support@ripariumsupply.com) for tips on where to shop and suggested specifications.

The product photo with this listing shows the 80mm Fan Mount with a case fan (not included) for scale and assembly detail.

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