2X Phoenix Pygmy Date Palm

Aqua Verdi


Phoenix Pygmy Date Palm (Phoenix roebelenii) grows along river courses in Southeast Asia. As a true water-associated plant and relatively compact palm, it is an excellent riparium choice. A popular houseplant, Phoenix Pygmy Date Palm adapts well to a variety of growing conditions and can thrive under bright light to more shaded conditions.

Get the best riparium layout results with Phoenix Pygmy Date Palm by repeating this plant in several planters, then blending in a few other selections to add variety. The young plant seedlings have grass-like foliage, then develop more typical palm fronds with gently arching, feathery, compound leaves as they grow. Use Phoenix Pygmy Date palm to create a true Southern China, Laos or Vietnam river biotope, or as a stand-in representing tropical riparian palms from other environments. PhoenixPygmy Date Palm's light, feathery foliage harmonizes well with many other plants and habitat features.

2x Phoenix Pygmy Date Palm ships as a pair of bare root seedling plants ready to plant in your riparium. Each seedling should be planted in its own planter.

Live plants are not available for shipping to CA, OR, WA, AK or HI.

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