Riparium Planter Grand 2-pack

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The Riparium Planter Grand (Riparium Supply brand) has a design resembling the Riparium Planter Medio, but it is larger to accommodate larger plants. With almost twice the inside volume (23.25 in3 [.45 L]), it holds more gravel substrate and the roots of big plants such as Acrostichum Leather Fern, Avicennia germinans Black Mangrove and Cyrtosperma johnstonii. The broader suction cup (2.5" [63mm]) at the top of the Riparium Planter Grand supports the extra weight of robust tropical foliage.

With black acrylic front and side panels, the Riparium Planter Grand is inconspicuous in the underwater shadows of a riparium layout. The rear panel is cut from clear transparent acrylic to allow for observation of root development.

The Riparium Planter Grand incorporates an ingenious, patent-pending new technology, the Tab & Slot Joint (TabSynth Design Works LLC), to build a sturdy planter cup with laser-cut acrylic parts. The heavy-duty suction cups last longer and hold much better than the thinner plastic cups supplied with most aquarium accessories.

For best results, use true marginal aquatic plants with your Riparium Planter Grand. The following lists some of the best plant choices for this larger planter:

  • Acrostichum danaefolium Leather Fern
  • Avicennia germinans Black Mangrove
  • Chamaedorea Cat Palm (large specimens)
  • Cyrtosperma johnstonii
  • Laguncularia racemosa White Mangrove
  • Spathiphyllum Peace Lily (large specimens)
  • Pandanus tectorius Hala Tree

These plants can all grow to 24" or taller for large aquarium setups. Tall plants can also look good in smaller, shallow tanks, an effect resembling the visual balance of potted bonsai trees.

Several of the plants above grow as mangroves in the wild and will adapt well for brackish tank setups. See the attached photo of a mangrove riparium with Avicennia, Laguncularia and Pandanus.

Use a clay-based planted aquarium gravel as rooting substrate in the Riparium Planter Grand. Riparium plants can also benefit from aquarium fertilizer tabs (buried 1/2-way down in the planter) and water column fert dosing.

An instruction sheet with assembly and planting tips is included inside.

Assembly Required
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