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Ripariums are planted aquariums featuring marginal aquatic plants, flora adapted to grow along the edges of ponds, lakes, rivers and streams. In nature, these plants are rooted in mud or in shallow water, but hold their foliage up in the air. In addition to growing as engaging natural planted displays, ripariums have these useful features:

  • Relatively easy plant care
  • Plant-based water filtration
  • Beautiful flowers and foliage
  • Biotope representation
  • No extra CO2 required

The Aqua Verdi Riparium Planter incorporates an ingenious, patent-pending new technology, the Tab & Slot Joint (TabSynth Design Works LLC), to build a sturdy planter cup with laser-cut acrylic parts. The planter holds about 1 cup (.25 L) of Riparium Planter Gravel (sold separately) or other suitable clay gravel substrate and will work well with a wide variety of riparium plants. The heavy-duty suction cups last longer and hold much better than the thinner plastic cups supplied with most aquarium accessories.

For best results, use true marginal aquatic plants with your riparium planter.The following lists some of the best plant choices:

  • Ruellia Bluebell
  • Asclepias Mexican Milkweed
  • Zephyranthes Rain Lily
  • Avicennia Black Mangrove
  • Spathiphyllum Peace Lily
  • Echinodorus Swordplant
  • Chamaedorea Cat Palm
  • Acorus Japanese Sweetflag
  • Pogonatherum Baby Panda Bamboo

Riparium plants will use the nutrients in fish waste, but you may also wish to feed with an aquarium plants root tab fertilizer or water column fert dosing.

Instruction sheet with assembly and planting tips is included inside.

Assembly Required
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