Limpet Moss Mount – Nano 2-pack

Aqua Verdi


Made of crystal clear, laser-cut acrylic, the Limpet Moss Mount is a convenient, space-saving new way to plant small aquarium plants that grow well mounted on hard substrates. The Limpet Moss Mount - Nano measures about 4" (10 cm) in length. It will work well with these selections and more...

  • Small Anubias, such as A. barteri var. nana
  • Fissidens, Vesicularia & other aquatic mosses
  • Bucephalandra
  • Small Microsorum Java Fern

The heavy-duty suction cups last longer and hold much better than the thinner plastic cups supplied with most aquarium accessories.


Step 1. Peel thin plastic backing from both sides of Limpet Moss Mount acrylic plate.

Step 2. Press suction cup mushroom head through keyhole, then pull upward to lock in smaller semi-circle notch (top arrow).

Step 3. Tie a length of fine monofilament fishing line
or sewing thread through small hole in bottom of
plate (bottom arrow).

Step 4. Wrap thread or line around plant to secure in place. Avoid wrapping very tight because this can damage plant.

Step 5. Use loose end of thread or line to tie off again at bottom. Use scissors to trim away excess thread as well as long plant roots.

Step 6. Affix Limpet Moss Mount and plant on aquarium glass in location favorable for plant growth. As long as glass and suction cups surfaces are maintained clean, this suction cup will hold very well.

Made in USA
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