Acorus Japanese Sweetflag

Aqua Verdi


With slender, lime-green and gold leaves that arch gracefully over the water's surface, Acorus Japanese Sweetflag has an especially good shape and texture for riparium planted layouts. The solid-green, wild form of this plant (Acorus gramineus) is native to Japan, but various other Acorus species occur elsewhere in East Asia and North America. The grassy foliage combines well with many other kinds of plants.  

Use Acorus Japanese Sweetflag repeated in several planters and combined with a few different plants to create a grassy riverbank environment. This plant is not a true grass and it grows from a rhizome that creeps over the substrate, a growth habit similar to aquarium Anubias plants. The plant should be situated in the riparium planter with the roots buried, but with the rhizome at the gravel's surface. Use a rubber band wrapped around the planter top-to-bottom to hold the plant in place for a few weeks while new roots form.  

Acorus Japanese Sweetflag ships as a bare root plant or rooted in a 2" rock wool plug.

Live plants are not available for shipping to CA, OR, WA, AK or HI.

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