Another Update for Flick Ford's Native Riparium Biotopes

Look at this! We received another update from Flick Ford on his exceptionally well-executed riparium displays. These planted model ecosystems have been growing for months with excellent plant and livestock health and relatively easy care.

The native North American fish occupying these tanks include Missouri longear sunfish (Lepomis megalotis), orangespotted sunfish (Lepomis humilis), Ocmulgee shiners (Cyprinella callisema) and bluespotted sunfish (Enneacanthus gloriosus). While not adhering strictly to biotope flora, the riparium plantings more or less represent the semi-aquatic plants of the Southeast US, with such selections as Ruellia Dwarf Bluebell, Cyperus Dwarf Umbrella Sedge, Acorus Sweetflag and Echinodorus Swordplants. 

Flick has made use of both the Aqua Verdi Riparium Planter and the Riparium Supply Planter for situating his plants. The Riparium Supply planter is particularly useful for serious projects like this on; with its black acrylic panels, it blends in against dark aquarium backgrounds.

In addition to his refined aquarium skills, Flick is also an artist specializing in aquarium fish, sport fish and other species from around the world. Visit his Website & online store to see his beautiful paintings...

The Art of Flick Ford

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