The Celestial Swamp - Riparium/Paludarium Hybrid by Nigel Tobey

We were amazed to see updates for this splendid tank setup by our Canadian friend, Nigel Tobey. The Celestial Swamp uses taller background plants growing in riparium planters and other marginal aquatics supported by driftwood stumps, thus functioning like a riparium/paludarium hybrid. There is also plenty happening in the underwater area.

The aquarium is a roomy enclosure with dimensions 48" X 30" X 12". This kind of broad footprint with short sides works especially well for riparium and paludarium plantings because it provides plenty of space for plants to grow in the abovewater area and the shape enhances the vertical dimension to create a more expansive view.

The plants growing as marginals include Cyperus Dwarf Umbrella Sedge, Spathiphyllum Peace Lily and Echinodorus Swordplant in riparium planters, with Syngonium, Alocasia, Ficus and others sprawling across the driftwood surfaces above the water. The varied and diverse underwater planting includes Cryptocoryne species, Hydrocotyle, Lilaeopsis and more.

The fish stocking is intended to more or less represent a Myanmar (Burma) river flooded forest and includes Celestichthys margaritatus, Celestichthys choprae and Brachydanio tinwini, among others. These are excellent nano fish to combine in a roomy tank, with their diminutive sizes further accentuating the scale of the space.

Stay tuned! We will have more details on the way, including hardware specifications, to tell the story of the exceptional aquascape and model ecosystem display.