New video! LOGIC 31 Installation & Operation

In our previous post we introduced our most exciting new product, the LOGIC 31 Aquarium Filter, with a detailed assembly video. The LOGIC 31 uses an innovative water movement scheme combined with time-tested parts and materials. 

We have made a new video providing a few specific aquarium installation tips for the LOGIC 31. Follow this link to watch on our YouTube channel:

LOGIC 31 Installation & Operation

The video also explains a few more of the advantages of the LOGIC 31 design. This list summarizes important points:

  • Installation - use a razor blade or similar edge to thoroughly clean the aquarium glass before attaching the filter. With proper installation the heavy-duty suction cups supplied with the filter will hold with a strong grip for a long time.
  • Splash-free - the Jetlifter Filter Tube bubble stream is contained within the filter box, so there is no bubble splash to damage or foul equipment on top of the aquarium, such as lighting, auto-feeders or the wood canopy.
  • Clean design - with its large Poret Foam block the LOGIC 31 measures 8" tall by 4.25" wide, but it is a simple rectangular shape that follows aquarium geometry. The opaque black acrylic color blends in with dark aquarium backgrounds.
  • Easy airline operation - the LOGIC 31 water flow is driven by an aquarium air pump with 1/4" airline hose. There is no magnetic impeller inside of the filter to  potentially fail with a jam.
  • Gentle water flow - the Jetlifter Filter Tube can produce a water flow as fast as 90gph, but the circular filter return hole is 1" in diameter, so it creates a gentle, broad circulating water flow in the aquarium. This might be very appealing for shy fish such as bettas, Apistogramma and nano species. Add an aquarium circulation pump or powerhead for more active fish.

An additional important feature of the LOGIC 31 is the ease with which the Poret Foam can be cleaned after operation. By removing the transparent green top, you can easily remove the foam block without having to detach the filter box. Shake the filter under cool tap water or siphoned tank water to rinse clean, then return to the filter box. In contrast, most submersible power filters require removal of the whole filter box for cleaning, while canister filters require removal of the O-ring sealed impeller head and further disassembly for cleaning.

Thanks for reading! We hope you will enjoy using the LOGIC 31 with your aquarium setup. We think it will be an especially appealing choice for small (10-30 gallon) display aquariums.

We will have more updates on the way. In addition to the LOGIC 31, we will also offer two additional models for larger aquariums. Scroll down to see a few sneak peek photos.