New riparium plants in the online store!

We've added several new plants to our list of riparium selections. They include the most versatile choice for creating a grassy background, as well as several lovely flowering plants.

Acorus Japanese Sweetflag is especially well-suited as a riparium plant. Growing to about 14" in height, it can work well with both nano and larger riparium layouts. The slender grass-like foliage—this plant is not a true grass—arches gracefully over the water to create visual depth. Note the growth habit of Acorus Japanese Sweetflag: it grows from a creeping rhizome that should be positioned at the the gravel substrate surface.

Asclepias Mexican Milkweed is the easiest of all riparium plants to bloom in the aquarium and it might put on a show with its scarlet red and golden yellow flowers just a few weeks after planting. This plant grows especially fast with lost of foliage and fibrous roots, so it might also be a good choice as plant-based filtration.

Zephyranthes Rain Lily, White has spindly, onion-like foliage, but it will delight with its snow white blossoms. For the best luck with flowering, use a root tab fertilizer buried 1/2-way down in the riparium planter. Zephyranthes Rain Lily ships as two or three dormant bulbs. Planted in the riparium planter with the roots down and the very top of the bulb above the gravel, the plants will start to sprout just a week or two after planting in the warm riparium environment.

Spathiphyllum Peace Lily can fulfill any role in a riparium planting and it is very easy to grow. Use several of these plants repeated in several planters to create an authentic Neotropical rainforest stream or swamp biotope. It will also work well mixed among various other plants as an accent. Established Spathiphyllum Peace Lily will bloom with a beautiful white floral spathe.