New Riparium Plants - 23 March

We have received a new plant order from one of our suppliers and it includes some really excellent material, including selections that we have not listed in a while and others that are new for our online store.

We have received quite a few inquiries about Acrostichum Leather Fern (1) and we are pleased to have them in stock again. This is a striking swamp fern for larger plantings and can even growing in mildly brackish water. It looks especially good in combination with mangrove trees. It will grow very well in the Riparium Supply, Riparium Planter Grand.

A botanically-interesting species, Anemopsis Yerba Mansa (2) has a range restricted to the Western United States where it grows in sunny, marshy areas. It bears unique foliage and blooms.

Spilanthes Toothache Plant (3) blooms with frequent compound flowers resembling thimbles. This marsh plant from South America grows to just a few inches tall and might be a good choices for nano riparium plantings.

Cyperus Dwarf Umbrella Sedge (4) is a versatile and easy-to-grow riparium plant that works especially well as grassy background foliage repeated in several riparium planters.

Saururus Lizard's Tail (5), a plant relative of Anemopsis Yerba Mansa, is a bushy herbaceous native to Eastern North America. It looks good with many other kinds of riparium plants.

Stay tuned! We'll have more updates on the way for these new plants and more!