Joseph Goggans Streambank Dream

We were delighted to see pictures of this freshly-planted 20-gallon long setup built by one of our customers, Joseph Goggans, as a riparium/paludarium hybrid. While it still needs to grow in, the thoughtful combination of fine-textured mosses with larger plants, natural substrates and hardscape features has already created a convincing streambank environment.

Below, the established tank that provided most of the smaller foliage for this new setup.

Mini semi-aquatic plants (Ludwigia, Cryptocoryne, Rotala & mosses) along with a few epiphytes (Hoya, Peperomia & Ficus) were transplanted onto the stone and driftwood surfaces from a smaller (12" X 12" x 12"), display and combined with riparium plants (Acorus, Colocasia & Ruellia) in riparium planters. We have seen several enthusiasts use this strategy to good effect. The riparium planters provide a sturdy way to position taller background foliage for smaller plants growing on hardscape in the layout midground.

Below, a work in progress with most of the hardscape and sand substrate in place.

A pair of pendant par-base LED lamps illuminate the display. Natural fine sand substrate along with natural fallen leaf litter and tree seed pods provide the beautiful finishing touches.

We look forward to updates, including livestock selection, as this setup grows in. Thank you Joseph for sharing!