Introducing the LOGIC 31 Aquarium Filter

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LOGIC 31 Aquarium Filter

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We are very excited about our new filter concept, born of requent frustrations with submersible power filters and other options. Among other features, the LOGIC 31 uses a large (31 in320ppi Poret® Foam block, so it can run for a relatively long time (several weeks or more) between cleanings. The foam block can also be removed for cleaning while the filter box remains in place attached to the aquarium glass, another plus for ease of maintenance. 

Last week, we uploaded a video to our YouTube channel with detailed LOGIC 31 assembly instructions. Click here to watch...

LOGIC 31 Assembly

The LOGIC 31 will be especially appealing for display aquariums. Since the Jetlifter™ Filter Tube bubble stream is contained inside, there is no unnatural column of bubbles rising up through the aquarium—as you would see with operation of an air-driven foam filter—or bubble splash to damage lighting, auto-feeders or wood canopies. The filter box is relatively large, but its simple rectangular shape follows aquarium geometry and the opaque black color blends in against dark aquarium backgrounds. Positioning away from the aquarium bottom will also help to maintain a natural scene. There is no magnetic impeller inside to jam!

While the Jetlifter™ Filter Tube supplied with the LOGIC 31 can generate up to 90 gallons of water flow per hour, the return hole is relatively large at 1" in diameter, so it creates a broad and gentle flow through the aquarium. Shy fish such as bettas, Apistogramma and nano species will appreciate this more mellow current. To provide more water flow for more active fish, use the LOGIC 31 in combination with an aquarium circulation pump or powerhead. 

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