Hillstream Heater Mount: A New Aquarium Heater Mount System!

We are sharing a new product concept for the first time here as a sneak peek. We have found the heavy-duty suction cups supplied with our products such as the Aqua Verdi Riparium Planter, the LOGIC 31 Aquarium Filter and the Sunfish Aquarium Planter to be a superior option for positioning hardware in the aquarium: as long as the glass is carefully cleaned before mounting, these suction cups maintain a strong grip for a long time. We have some of these suction cups that have been in constant service for more than three years.

With the idea of extending the use of these high-quality suction cups to other aquarium products, we have designed the Hillstream Heater Mount, an after-market accessory for use with one of the best aquarium heater options, the EHEIM Jäger series of tthermostat heaters. 


It's easy to use the Hillstream Heater Mount. Simply remove the pair of suction cups from the plastic bracket holder, then position the pair of suction cup studs through the matching holes in the Hillstream. A pair of light plastic zip ties wrapped around the holder and through the Hillstream secure the holder in place. Attach the Hillstream + holder assembly in the desired position on the aquarium glass, then mount the heater.

The Hillstream Heater Mount kit is supplied with a laser-cut acrylic mount plate, a pair of heavy-duty suctions, light plastic zip tie and an instruction sheet.

Watch for the Hillstream Heater Mount in the Aqua Verdi online store soon! We hope you will like this handy new aquarium accessory.



NOTE: this product is an after market accessory for mounting aquarium heaters and it does not include the aquarium heater.  The aquarium heater shown in these photographs with the product is for scale and reference only. This product is in no way licensed,  approved, or supported by the referenced manufacturer, EHEIM GmbH & Co KG, nor is the referenced manufacturer associated in any way with this product's manufacturer.