Growth Update: Acid Bog Paludarium

We have a few updates for this paludarium setup planted to emulate a native acid bog, a special kind of wetland habitat dominated by Sphagnum mosses and other plants adapted to acidic, low nutrient conditions.

The paludarium was planted about a month ago and the bed of Sphagnum moss has begun to green up and fill in. The native sundew (Drosera rotundifolia) also shows visible progress, as does the tiny Family Ericaceae shrub, small cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccos). The other ericaceous shrubs have not made much headway, but all of them have established well in our other similar setups, so we expect good results from them.

These photos also show a few of our special hardware solutions, including the 60mm Fan Mount and fitted acrylic frame top.

Thanks to for the EpiWeb planting substrate. Thank you Reeseville Ridge Nursery for most of the plants.

Scroll down to see a couple of older shots from the project set up, along with these new updates.